by Attaboy, Annie Owens, editors

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A limited edition box set containing the the third Hi-Fructose Collected Edition book, as well as extras.

Available Only in the Box Set

* A die-cut, embossed Snow Yak mask by Mark Ryden

* A fold-out poster by French artist McBess

* A sticker book with art from Tara McPherson, Travis Lampe, Bob Dob, Brandi Milne & Luke Chueh

* A set of flocked day-glo prints from Junko Mizuno, Skinner & Martin Ontiveros, packaged in a fold-out portfolio display

* All contained in an artfully-designed, solid, ribbon-tied deluxe box

* Limited to 2500 copies

The Hi-Fructose Collected Edition book is over 300 pages packed with intelligent interviews and exposés on leading pop surrealists, street artists and new contemporary artists from all over the world.

The third Collected Edition compiles and expands original material from issues 9-12 of the best-selling magazine Hi-Fructose.

Artists featured in the book include Sam Gibbons, Tom Haubrick, Tara McPherson, Ekundayo, Liz McGrath, Stella Im Hultberg, Chris Berens, Jeff Gillette, Dan May, Kevin Cyr, Nicolas Di Genova, Andrew Hem, Laurie Hassold, Yosuke Ueno, Bob Dob, Chris Scarborough, Chris Ryniak, Camilla d’Errico, Mandy Greer, Glenn Barr, Charlie Immer, Thomas Doyle, Nicola Verlato, Damon Soule, Tiffany Bozic, Mark Ryden, Brandi Milne, Chet Zar, Brandt Peters, Scott Hove, Mike Shine, Gabriels, Fuco Ueda, Luke Chueh, Travis Lampe, Michael Hussar, Josh Keyes, JinYoung Yu, Todd Schorr and Michael Page.

Annie Owens is a fine artist and editor/publisher born in Alabama and raised between Alabama, the Philippines, North Carolina, San Francisco and finally the East Bay, California. She graduated with a film degree from the Academy of Art College in San Francisco and currently lives and works with her husband and partner in crime, Attaboy.

Attaboy is an artist and toy-designing word herder who creates in numerous mediums. The end result has appeared in books, museum shows, galleries, boutiques, junk yards, toy stores, rock clubs, movie theaters, mass transit, and on cable television. His latest is a book intended for adults which folks think is meant for children. It was recently adapted for the stage, cabaret style.

$75.00 MORE INFO
AuthorAttaboy, Annie Owens, editors
Publisher Last Gasp
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BindingBox set