by Magnus Frederiksen

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Another NSFW coloring book from the artist behind the best-selling Fetish Coloring Book —brand new from Last Gasp!

The success is complete. After a series of interviews over the world, a lot of reviews, and some absurd biddings on the black market, it is now time for the sequel to the outrageous Fetish Coloring Book.

The Dirty Coloring book is here to make you blush, laugh or just get really upset. Either way, I hope you will have a fun time.

To get you in good mood for some kinky time and colorful creativity we present some of the best reviews of the Fetish Coloring Book:

"I ordered it as a little fun item for friends but returned both copies – Amazon should not be selling this item. I ordered it as a little fun item for friends but returned both copies. It is unsuitable to hold any classification other than frankly pornographic and should never be bought into a household where there may be children. Am thinking of taking this further to trading standards as there is a child safety issue here."
—Dee, 2 January 2015

"Not a great buy – Really not what I expected quite pornographic be aware!"
—Gemma Williams, 27 March 2015

Magnus Frederiksen is a Stockholm-based illustrator and graphic designer who is drawn to the odd. Frederiksen works under the name of Glafisk. In addition to his design work, he occasionally teaches illustration and creativity at his alma mater, Forsbergs School in Sweden. “I make books that make me feel good, and I hope that will spread to every one who finds my books.” On a side note, Frederiksen collects retro games and is slightly obsessed with draft beer. His work can be seen at glafisk.se

$12.95 MORE INFO
AuthorMagnus Frederiksen
Publisher Last Gasp
Page count52
Trim size10" x 7.6" x 0.25"
Weight0.47 lbs
ContentBlack and white illustrations throughout