by Dan Piraro

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A collection of super-hero-themed comics from the award-winning newspaper cartoon, Bizarro. Cartoonist Dan Piraro skewers these masked and caped crime fighters like no other, poking fun at their super powers, superlatives, and their tights. Piraro's elaborate renderings often reveal the true identities of these heroes: Superman lounging on the couch at home, the Hulk in his psychotherapist's office, Wolverine at the nail salon, and many more. Bizarro Heroes collects these smart, funny send-ups of all your favorite comic heroes in one incredible, amazing, fantastic volume.

One of the best cartoonists currently playing the game. The Onion
Heights of offbeat creativity and daily surprises that haven't been seen since Gary Larson and his The Far Side panel. Steve Greenberg, Cartoonist-illustrator
[The Reuben Award] is overdue recognition of a strip that is among the best drawn... Steve Greenberg, Cartoonist-illustrator
$11.95 MORE INFO
AuthorDan Piraro
Publisher Last Gasp
Page count100
Trim size7" x 7"
Weight0.49 lbs
Content100 Color and black and white cartoons