last gasp funded

Thank You!

( October 17, 2014 ) WE'RE FUNDED! Thanks to everybody who bought books, reposted, donated their time & artwork, or was otherwise supportive during our wild & woolly Kickstarter campaign. We love our community and hope to continue publishing the weird & beautiful books you've come to expect from us for many years to come. Read the rest.

mike davis book launch

Mike Davis Book Launch: Tues. Oct. 21st at 111 Minna

( October 16, 2014 ) Please join us at 111 Minna on Tuesday, Oct. 21st for a book release party in honor of Mike Davis' amazing upcoming monograph A Blind Man's Journey. Read the rest.

shawn barber custom portrait

Shawn Barber Custom Portrait!

( October 15, 2014 ) A last minute reward has been added to our Kickstarter campaign and it's a doozy. Join the ranks of notorious characters such as Margaret Cho and Mike Giant and commission an original portrait by artist Shawn Barber. For one lucky patron of the arts, Barber will paint a custom 16" x 12" oil portrait on wood panel based on your reference. ENDS THURS. OCT. 16th at 3PM. Read the rest.

Kal Spelletich Robot Party

New Reward Spotlight: Bartending Robots, Walking-BBQ Robots, & FIRE!

( October 10, 2014 ) At long last, you can collect on the future that was promised to you by '50s sci-fi and the Jetsons. Now YOU will have the opportunity to control the robots instead of technology owning you. Give those machines a kick in the pants and then have them pour you a cocktail. Also featuring: FIRE! Our latest Kickstarter reward has arrived, courtesy of Kal Spelletich. Read the rest.

Riding with Ron Turner

New Reward Added: Riding With Ron!

( October 10, 2014 ) It could be the best Travel Channel series ever but until that day, it's real life and you can be a part of it. Take a ride around "The City By The Bay" with one of its most notorious citizens, Last Gasp founder Ron Turner; guardian of all of the best untold counterculture history and secret dirt unavailable anywhere but from the lips of the Bearded One himself. From The Mitchell Brothers to politicians, from underground cartoonists to famous musicians, there is no elbow left unrubbed and no dirty joke left untold. Read the rest.



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Lynda Barry

As the title suggests, Syllabus collects lesson plans and creativity exercises from Lynda Barry's life-changing workshop Writing the Unthinkable. Drawn in the style of Barry's other D+Q titles,... (more)




Tove Jansson

Celebrating Tove Jansson’s legacy, one hundred years after her birth! Tove Jansson’s Moomin stories made her one of the most beloved Scandinavian authors of the... (more)