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Another pure Underground rock recovered from the Last Gasp treasure chest!

"R.I.P.-snortin'"Cocaine Comix #2 features the pulse-pounding powder-fueled work of underground comix talents George DiCaprio, Richard Chidlaw, Dennis Ellefson, Warren Greenwood, Robert Williams, Roldo, Rogerio, Pete Von Sholly, Palle Jensen, Bruce Sweeney, Jim Valentino, Basil Hatte, Loondancer, Gary Whitney and Chris Statler!

Limited supply. Comics in "very-fine/near-mint" condition. Printed in 1981.

...the stories are great and the artwork is top notch. Comixjoint
$15.00 MORE INFO
AuthorGeorge DiCaprio, Robert Willliams, Warren Greenwood, Pete Von Sholley, Rogerio
Publisher Last Gasp
Page count34
Trim size10" x 6.9" x 0.1"
Weight0.1 lbs
ContentBlack and white illustrations throughout