by Tim Boxell, Philip José Farmer

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Another screeching blood-drenched jewel wrenched from maw of the Last Gasp treasure chest!

Lustful satanic romps by mysterious demonic creatures! Noted science fiction and fantasy writer Philip José Farmer and the terrifyingly talented Tim Boxell weave you this demonic web of orgiastic Underground creepiness! From Last Gasp.

Limited supply. First printing. Comics in "very-fine/fine" condition. Printed in 1973.

—a terrific midnight read! Comixjoint

An early Midwest underground cartoonist, Tim Boxell contributed frequently to the horror anthology Death Rattle as well as Bizarre Sex, Snarf and Last Gasp's Slow Death. He is also edited and contributed to the anthology Commies From Mars, also from Last Gasp. Boxell eventually left underground comics and the Midwest to become an animator in San Francisco.

Philip José Farmer (1918-2009) was a three-time Hugo Award winner, and Nebula Grand Master. He has long been recognized as one of the foremost writers in the fields of science fiction and fantasy. He is known for introducing sex into science fiction in 1952 with his groundbreaking novella The Lovers; his biographies of Tarzan and Doc Savage; his love of pulp characters; his Riverworld, World of Tiers, and Dayworld series; and his Wold Newton Family concept.

$12.00 MORE INFO
AuthorTim Boxell, Philip José Farmer
Publisher Last Gasp
Page count32
Trim size10" x 7" x 0.1"
Weight0.1 lbs
ContentBlack and white illustrations throughout