by R.L. Crabb


Another sacred Underground jewel recovered from the Last Gasp treasure chest!

Funny animal political satire! Junior Jackalope tries to straighten out a Suicide Squirrel —who's sick and tired of being sick and tired... The terrible struggle of funny animals under Reaganomics!

Comics are in "near-mint" condition." Limited supply. Printed in 1983.

R.L. Crabb’s first newspaper cartoon appeared the day after Ronald Regan was elected. Since that time his crude and vulgar works have appeared in countless publications including: Weirdo, Rip Off Comix, Grateful Dead Comix, Snarf, Loompanics Live in Las Vegas, The Comics Journal, and the San Francisco Chronicle.

Crabb currently writes, draws, and occasionally stars in “It Takes a Village Idiot“, every Saturday in the Grass Valley Union. A virtual smorgasbord of half baked schemes, barbecued sacred cows, stuffed shirts, lame ducks, odd birds, and all the corn you can stomach, the author vacillates between long-winded diatribes of questionable logic and stark images of respectable citizens in compromising positions. He has little respect for political movements and claims to be a “Groucho Marxist,” rejecting membership in any party that would have him as a member.

His major influences are: Thomas Nast, Attila the Hun, Johnny Weissmuller, Mark Twain, and Rocket J. Squirrel.

AuthorR.L. Crabb
Publisher Nevada City Publishing
Page count32
Trim size10" x 7" x 0.1"
Weight0.1 lbs
ContentBlack and white illustrations throughout