by Beny Tchaicovsky

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The complete works of 3D computer animation pioneer Beny Tchaicovsky. This beautiful hardcover collection explores Tchaicovsky’s awardwinning computer graphics as well as his otherworldly, surrealist paintings.

A complete catalogue raisonné of Tchaicovsky’s works, Beyond Duality includes paintings and stills from his CG work, as well as QR-code links to clips of his videos. This stunning compilation is a tribute to an inordinately talented and fecund artist whose work deserves much wider recognition.

A visionary and pioneer of early computer graphics who used the medium to explore his unique personal visions. Alex Grey, American artist, author and teacher
Anything can happen in art, as long as we use a multidimensional point of reference. The challenge is to connect those dimensions and incorporate this higher reality in everyday life. This is the aim of my work. Beny Tchaicovsky

Multimedia artist Beny Tchaicovsky (1954-2009) was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a child of Russian and Polish immigrants. Tchaicovsky was a painter, musician, award winning computer artist, a visionary and a traveler. His art has been categorized as Surrealism or Fantastic Realism. Beny resisted labels but when pressed in a 1988 interview, he termed his style as Esoteric Realism in which he explained creativity is used as a tool for self exploration and has a critical role to play in helping to raise humanity consciousness. Aside from a strong metaphysical aspect, much of his work is a critique to a globalized economic system based in consumerism and war. Tchaicovsky was one of the pioneer artists who contributed to the birth of the new technology of 3D animation as an art form in the early 1990’s. He understood early on the relevance of this new technology and self-taught its software to use as a tool for his creative expression. Beny’s work has been seen on music albums, DVD’s, magazine covers, billboards and has been displayed in exhibitions in France, Germany, Brazil, and the United States.

AuthorBeny Tchaicovsky
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