by Dan Michaels, Erik Christiansen

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Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana is required reading for a new generation of curious and sophisticated pot smokers. Presented in an eye-popping package and filled with hyperdetailed photography of individual buds, this essential guide to marijuana is smart, practical, and exceedingly beautiful. The "Primer" section explores the culture of this complex flower and explains the botany that makes each strain unique. The "Buds" section describes the variations of lineage, flavor, and mental or physical high that define 170 exceptional strains. Poised to become the go-to marijuana guide for recreational and medicinal users alike, Green is easy to pick up and impossible to put down.

Author Dan Michaels and photography Erik Christiansen have broken down the hundreds of strains ....pairing each type with gorgeous, high-quality imagery. Mashable
The most beautiful book about weed you've ever seen... It's a comprehensive A-to-Z guide to marijuana strains. With weed porn photos by Erik Christiansen... the book avoids the hippie-stoner visual cliches long associated with weed in the popular imagination. FastCoDesign
Finally! A highly specific, rainbow-free encyclopedia of marijuana! Written by Dan Michaels with photos from Erik Christiansen, Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana is rigorous in it's coverage of everything from bud biology to paraphernalia, with entries on how to roll, smoking etiquette (don't hit and run, brah!), and 75 words on whatever the hell QWISO is. Plus it's got more than 150 high resolution pictures of the stinkiest, gnarliest, hold-me-I'm-loosing-it strains of ganja you've ever laid eyes upon. GQ Magazine

Dan Michaels is the founder of SinseMedia, a cannabis research and insight group. Alongside his savvy branding and marketing background, he brings his experience and connoisseurship in cannabis culture to his work as a consultant and strategist for the emerging legal marijuana industry. He lives in Connecticut.

Erik Christiansen uses specialized macro photography and color correction techniques to capture the true essence of the marijuana flower with unparalleled detail. Erik founded and currently runs, a photography blog dedicated to showcasing the varied beauty of the cannabis flower. He lives in California.

$35.00 MORE INFO
AuthorDan Michaels, Erik Christiansen
Publisher Chronicle
Page count395
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