by Femke Hiemstra, Charles Krafft

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"The Timid Cabbage" Hardcover Book featuring original drawings by artist Femke Hiemstra & written by Charles Krafft. "It began with a poem written by and sent to Femke by artist, Charles Krafft. Femke was quite taken with the endearing charm of the poem and proceeded to illustrate it. Those drawings became a sold-out show at the Roq La Rue gallery in Seattle in November 2011. If you have a young child THE TIMID CABBAGE is a beautiful keepsake gift that they will forever treasure, if you have an older child they just might embrace the heartfelt moral of the story about the importance of being an individual. If you are a young adult, middle-aged pseudo hipster or even a decrepit bed-ridden invalid you will want it to revisit the magic of being young-minded and susceptible to enchantment. You'll want to have THE TIMID CABBAGE prominently displayed on your bookshelf to impress all your cheesy friends." This hardcover, foil stamped book is from an edition of only 1,000!

$34.99 MORE INFO
AuthorFemke Hiemstra, Charles Krafft
Publisher Sympathetic Press
Page count24
Trim size10" x 11.25"
Weight1.38 lbs
ContentBlack and white