by Kaylin Andres, Jon Solo


Cancer is not funny -- cancer is hilarious. Terminally Illin' is a collection of comics written during a 23 year old girl's battle with a rare bone cancer. While enduring harsh chemo treatments, Kaylin teamed up with her friend, Jon, and they brought the comics to life. The laughter helped to ease the pain. They want to share this laughter and imagination with others that might find it helpful or entertaining. After all, laughter is the best medicine!

Terminally Illin' has been adapted for the cancer community. Kaylin and Jon took all the separate comics and weaved an epic adventure from it. Think of it as a chemo-induced-Alice in Wonderland meets The Hero's Journey meets Kaylin's candid account of her cancer experience as documented in her blog (www.cancerisnotfunny.blogspot.com). The hero (Kaylin) travels inside her own body to meet her disease face to face and "kick it in the balls." She joins the front lines with her trusted battle kitty, Iceman, for some serious cancer-ass-kicking-fun. But don't let the silliness of the storyline fool you, this story goes deep into the emotions and the subconcious of a young adult facing the sudden possibility of dying before their time.

Part 1, "Down the Chemo Rabbit Hole," ends with our hero on a date with death himself, epiphanies taken straight from her blog. It reveals her candid thoughts and how it changed her. You won't believe how it ends!... but that's just the begining...

AuthorKaylin Andres, Jon Solo
Publisher Last Gasp
Page count60
Trim size10" x 6.5"
Weight0.2 lbs
ContentBlack and white