by BigBros Workshop

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A massive, comprehensive graphic design collection exploding with a blend of psychedelic and pop imagery. This convergence of styles is flourishing today in the art and design world. Through art and images, Pop Psychedelic examines the current synthesis of '60s and '70s psychedelia and pop art of the '80s. The lasting influence of these two art forms continues in fashion, music, spirituality, the art world at large, and even revolutionary movements. Pop Psychedelic considers the history of these two movements and their unique contributions, ideologically, aesthetically and culturally. Then, looking at the evolution of these ideas over time, relates it to the psychedelic pop phenomenon in illustration and graphic arts. Artists relate their personal beliefs, discuss the form and its potential to create meaning, and to look at the underlying messages in the work.

BigBros Workshop serves as an avenue for promoting creative talent with the aim of creating greater awareness and appreciation of the creative industry. BigBros Workshop does this by acting as publicist and talent manager for various artists in an effort to bring their talent and work to a wider audience.

$39.95 MORE INFO
AuthorBigBros Workshop
Publisher Last Gasp
Page count336
Trim size11" x 8"
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Content300 Full color illustrations