by Philippe Goddin

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The first in a three-volume series, The Art of Hergé presents a selection of Hergé's outstanding, often unpublished, drawings showing the diversity of his work and offering the reader a view of the range of his talent.

Georges Remi, better known as Hergé, the creator of Tintin & Snowy, was born a century ago. He left us an exceptional legacy, at the center of which was Tintin, but also included much other work besides Tintin's cartoon adventures. From generation to generation the popularity of his creation has carried on and been extended, to such a degree that whatever their age, many readers feel they have grown up with Tintin.

This first volume of The Art of Hergé covers the years 1907 to 1937, during which the range of Hergé's drawing is evident: his childhood and schoolboy sketches, the first published drawings, his burgeoning work as an illustrator and graphic designer, the advertisements, occasional paintings and, of course, the comics for which he became famous. One witnesses his development as a young and successful artist with the promise of further achievements to come.

From his childhood onwards, we can judge the range of his talent from the vast number of drawings Hergé produced. The prolific output of the master of the "clear line" included advertisements, comic strips, illustrations, fashion designs and caricatures. In this series, Hergé's work is presented in chronological order, with many high-quality reproductions of the art. The artwork is accompanied by concise commentary, allowing us a closer look into the artist's daily routine and output.

Michael Farr is responsible for a long list of lavishly illustrated works about Herge and his famous creation.... These albums are a sumptuous appreciation of Herge's working life. It's not just that they show in brilliant color the development of the stories and books. They also depict the immense variety and sheer profusion of his art. Here are covers done for Tintin magazine, Christmas cards, charity appeals, calendars, one-offs for promotion (e.g., a poster for a 1979 golf tournament showing Capt. Haddock taking a violent swing). Here, too, are Herge's abstract paintings and some lovely autobiographical sketches (one from 1947 shows the overworked artist plagued by a cat perched on his shoulder and watched over carefully by a scowling Tintin holding a cat-o'-nine-tails). The drudgery and magic of a great graphic artist's life both shine through these volumes. They are the single best thing ever likely to be published about Tintin or Herge. Wall Street Journal

Philippe Goddin was born in 1944. He is considered to be one of the top experts on Hergé's life and œuvre. He has been studying Hergé's art for more than 30 years, and has published several books on the subject. Goddin was fortunate enough to know Hergé and to be aquainted with many of his friends and colleagues. most of the documents produced in this series come from the Studios Hergé, where Philippe Goddin directed the research and archives for more than 10 years.

$39.95 MORE INFO
TitleTHE ART OF HERGÉ VOLUME 1: 1907-1937
AuthorPhilippe Goddin
Publisher Last Gasp
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