by Mario DiGiorgio

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Bored and disgusted with his degree in advertising, New Jersey native Mario DiGiorgio moved to Austin, Texas and began writing comedy in between a dozen restaurant jobs. Eight months after his first open mic, he secured the title of the nationally- recognized comedy contest, The Funniest Person in Austin.

A Cynic's Guide to a Rich and Full Life presents DiGiorgio's tongue- in- cheek advice on how to be more self- centered, cynical, and most importantly, hilariously inappropriate. People say that what you give is what you get. That you need to slow down and soak in life. People will also tell you that the essence of joy is found within the appreciation of the little things. Simply put, those people are idiots.

Planting a garden will leave you with sore knees and throbbing blisters. Taking the scenic route will make you tardy. You cannot pay your mortgage with the laughter of children. Anyone can hold a door open for a stranger. However, it takes a rare and special breed to trip them in the process. Here is a black cloud of unconventional wisdom to quell those dark urges, a collection of joyfully inappropriate wishful thinking. Plant your tongue firmly in cheek and prepare to learn the secrets of living a truly rich and full life.

For a comic who's still a baby in the business, Mario's got no hacky shit in his act." -Nick Dipaolo, Comedian
As dry as a martini at the Tanqueray distillery, as caustic as a Drano milkshake, as funny as a banana peel on the floor of the Republican Convention. The Austin Chronicle
Mario DiGiorgio turns hip on its head with his stiletto-sharp wit. CitySearch.com

Mario DiGiorgio resides in Austin, Texas and tours the country with an ever- swelling catalogue of smart, inventive material that spills over with left turns, right hooks and sucker- punches. He has been a finalist in the HBO/Aspen Open Call for stand-up; a finalist in Comedy Central's Laugh Riots competition; a Top-8 finalist in the Boston Comedy Festival contest for stand-ups; a regular guest on the Bob and Tom show; and was featured on Comedy Central's Premium Blend. Sarcastic yet somehow sweet, cerebral without condescension, Mario DiGiorgio is fast carving his niche in comedy's well-worn headboard.

$11.95 MORE INFO
AuthorMario DiGiorgio
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